The Vacation Guarantee - Insurance!

You probably don't think of a vacation as an investment, but that's what it is.  When you choose to take a vacation, you are making an important financial investment in the fun and relaxation that you anticipate.  As in any investment, you need to take precautions to protect your investment if something unexpected happens.  If something unexpected happens that prevents you from going on your trip (or forces you to return home early), you can lose some or all of that investment.

Here's how it works:

Travel operators have to pay for their fixed costs, even if a person is unable to go on the trip. Therefore, every travel operator uses some sort of penalty system to keep costs at a reasonable level.  If you can't travel - even through no fault of your own - you may not only miss out on your vacation, but you may lose up to 100 percent of your trip cost too!  You can protect your vacation by buying low cost travel insurance a Vacation Guarantee - the smart, affordable way to safeguard your valuable travel investment.

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